GA-PT30E | DMX Motorized Precise Pantograph hinge (for hook), max 23kg load, 3m length, no hook
› Aluminum alloy heavy duty material
› Strong 30kg load
› 0.6m - 3m expansion length
› DMX motorized stretch control
› 10cm per second moving speed
› 5-pin DMX in & loop out
› SpeakON AC power in & loop out
› Provide cable organizer on rear side
› Connect with hook by screw bolt
› Connect with studio light by screw bolt
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2 x CL-15 Bi-color SMD On-camera LED Light
1 x S-8823 (BN-VF823U), Li-ion Battery for JVC GY-HM100. 18,7Wh
2 x PB-H290S, 290Wh Intelligent Bi-voltage 28V Heavy Duty Battery Pa
2 x CL-60D 3KIT,60W 1:1 Bi-color SMD LED panel light
1 x BM-U245,23.8-inch 4K/8K 12GSDI Studio Monitor
2 x S-8I75, Li-ion DV Batery for JVC GY-HM600/650, 60Wh
2 x CL-M100D 100W Mini Size Studio SMD LED Light
2 x S-4601 Heavy Duty HDMI to SDI converter
1 x S-8040, Li-ion Battery for powersupply 7,2V 21Wh, incl. Charger
1 x PB-R160S+, 160Wh Heavy Duty Digital Battery Pack IP54
1 x S-4606 OPTICAL to SDI converter
1 x BM-H245 23.8-inch 4K Input Ready Production Monitor
2 x LB-PD65C Panasonic VBR59 Series Battery Pack
1 x TD-R210S, 24V/48V Flexible Stand-mounted Adaptor
1 x S-7000S V-lock Battery Mount
1 x S-7000J DV Battery Mount for JVC
1 x PB-S146S 146Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack
2 x 500W 48V powersupply set for ARRI skypanel S60/120
2 x S-7200J Bracket with DV Battery Mount
2 x HB-A290B 290Wh 28.8V B-mount Battery Pack
1 x MINO-S140,USB-C smaller 140wh Pocket Tiny Battery.
1 x S-8845 Li-ion DV Battery for Canon BP-970G, 47,5Wh
1 x S-4607 Bi-directional OPTICAL/SDI converter
1 x FLOWIOK, SDI&HDMI 10000ft/3km Wireless System
2 x CL-60D Adaptor
3 x FLOW500, SDI&HDMI 150m Wireless System, DFS Comply
2 x S-8110A, 146Wh Li-ion, 100W/8A, Gold Mount, D-tap out
2 x S-7000P DV Battery Mount for Panasonic
1 x KA-M20S, Dual V-mount Hot Swap Plate
1 x S-8I50 Li-ion DV Batery for JVC GY-HM600/650, 47Wh
1 x PB-S98S 98Wh,Multi-sockets Square Li-ion Battery
1 x CURVE500+, 150m Wireless with USB capture
2 x S-4120J AB Mount to JVC Mount DC-DC Adaptor
1 x S-4610, SDI Audio Embedder
1 x S-8970 (NP-F970) Li-ion DV Battery for Sony L series, 47,5Wh
1 x S-8082A 95Wh Gold Mount IATA complied Battery, smal sise
1 x S-4000S 4-channel V-lock mount Battery Extender
1 x PB-C420S | 420Wh High-load Heavy-duty Battery
2 x S-7000C DV Battery Mount Canon
2 x S-8945 Li-ion DV Battery Canon BP series BP-930/945, 47,5Wh
2 x S-4990 Wireless HD Panel Receiver
3 x S-7000F DV Battery Mount for Sony NP-F970
4 x S-4000A 4-channel AB mount Battery Extender
4 x S-7005A, V-mount to Gold mount battery Adaptor
2 x S-8083A, 130Wh Li-ion, 100W/8A, Gold Mount, D-tap out, smal size
1 x S-8152A Gold-mount Separable IATA Complied Li-ion Battery
2 x S-7000A AB Battery Mount
3 x S-8073N 73Wh, 5,5A, 66W, Li-ion NP-1 IATA Battery, 2x D-tap out
2 x CK150 Portable Chroma Key Screen
1 x S-7200F Bracket with DV Battery Mount
1 x S-4609, SDI Audio De-Embedder
1 x PL-E60P3, 3-light kit, DMX IP54 Rainproof
1 x PL-E90P, 3 Light KIT DMX IP54 Rainproof
1 x S-7004 DV Battery Mount for S-2040 and Monitors
1 x S-8113A, 160Wh Goldmount Battery, High Load 150W, 12A, Fast Char
1 x D-4200 Battery Watch
2 x BL-150E 150W Bowens Mount COB LED Light
1 x S-8192S, 184Wh V-mount Separable IATA Complied Li-ion Battery
1 x PB-S220A, 220Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack
1 x VANGO-70 70W 1:1 Ultra Slim RGBW Panel Light
1 x S-8972 (NP-F970), Li-ion Battery for Sony L series DC Output
1 x S-8083S, 130Wh V-mount Battery Smal size
1 x PL-S150D 150W Bi-color Studio SMD LED Light
1 x S-7103 D-tap to open end Cable
1 x S-8080A 95Wh Gold Mount IATA complied Battery
1 x S-4110J V-lock Mount to JVC Mount DC-DC Adaptor
1 x S-7010S, V-mount plate with multi-DC out
1 x GA-PT20P
1 x GA-PT30E
2 x PB-S98A, 98Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack
2 x BL-200 200W Bowens Mount COB LED Light
1 x CL-120D Adaptor
1 x FLOW6500, SDI&HDMI 6500ft/2km Wireless System
1 x S-4605 SDI to OPTICAL converter
1 x S-4600 Heavy Duty SDI to HDMI converter
1 x PC-P461S 4x100W Super Fast V-mount Charger
1 x FLOW2000 Tx
1 x FLOW2000 Kit, SDI&HDMI 600m Wireless System, DFS Comply
1 x S-7100S V-lock Plug to 4 pin XLR DC Commutator
1 x SL-150P 150W Bi-color IP54 RainProof Flexible Light
1 x PB-M45S 45Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Pack
1 x FLOW2000 Rx
1 x BM-215-NDI,21.5-inch Professional NDI® Monitor
1 x S-7101 D-tap to 4 pin XLR DC Commutator
1 x S-8D58, Panasonic AJ-PX270/285 DV Camcorder Battery Pack, 43Wh
1 x HB-C420S | 420Wh High-load Heavy-duty Battery
2 x CK210 Portable Chroma Key Screen
1 x VANGO-100 100W 2:1 Ultra Slim RGBW Panel Light
1 x BIVO-98 98Wh Bi-voltage B-mount Battery Pack
1 x FLOW500, Kit 1 Transmitter and 2 receivers
1 x MINO-S210 210Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Pack
1 x S-8082S 95Wh V-mount IATA complied Li-ion Battery, smal size
1 x LB-CA50 2kit, Battery for Canon EOS-C300 MK2, Canon BP-A60, 73Wh
1 x S-8D62, Li-ion battery for Panasonic CGA series D54S/D28S, 47,5W
1 x S-4604, SDI 1 to 4 Distributor and Amplifier
1 x LA-WR8-Controller
1 x S-8PE6 (LP-E6), Li-ion Battery for Canon 5D, 7D, 60D Camera, 11W
1 x S-7100A AB mount plug to 4 pin XLR DC Commutator
1 x LB-SF65C SONY L Series NP-F Battery Pack
1 x S-8975, 75Wh Lithium-Ion NP-F battery
1 x BL-300 300W Bowens Mount COB LED Light
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